Business & Education

True IT support and repair solutions for companies, organizations, and schools of any size.

  • Bulk Discounts

    Have a lot to get done on a budget? Get great service for your biggest jobs, while saving money in the process.

  • Staff & Student Discounts

    Whether you’re working towards a paycheck or a diploma, we’ve got your back. Let us do the hard work for you.

  • Free Diagnostic & Estimates

    Finding out what the problem is, or how much it costs to fix should never cost you, and with us it won’t.

  • Remote Support

    No matter where you’re located, we can help with any computer related issue. All it takes is a decent internet connection and permission to take over your computer.

  • Managed IT Support

    We offer 24/7 Managed IT for all your electronics. We can maintain your devices to help prevent unexpected issues that could arise. We do any needed repairs after hours to keep you from having to waste time.

  • Quick Quality Care

    Same day repairs shouldn’t be shoddy. We believe in our work, and offer a 90-day warranty on all repairs.

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